Security and Privacy Assurances for the Arizona Internet Claims Filing System

Is the information I provide secure?
While nothing can be 100% guaranteed, the Arizona Department of Economic Security (AZDES) has taken every precaution to make certain that your information is as secure as possible. Between your computer and our server, all data will be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer technology. Information about prior claims and wage information will not be made available to the Internet server.

Will the information I provide be available to my employer?
Your employer receives a notice that you filed a claim but does not receive a copy of other information you provided. The employer is also given the opportunity to submit information concerning the circumstances of your leaving the job. Once a determination is made as to your receipt of benefits, you and your employer both have the right to file an appeal if either of you is dissatisfied with the determination. After filing an appeal and prior to your appeal hearing, either you or your employer may request a copy of the statement made by the other party to the appeal.

Will the information I provide be released to anyone else?
A.R.S.ยง 41-1959 specifies the circumstances under which personally identifiable information may be released, and to whom such information may be released. However, certain information about claims must be disclosed to certain federal and state agencies: Health and Human Services, state and local child support enforcement agencies, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food Stamp agencies, public housing agencies, the New Hire Directory, and the Internal Revenue Service. Information may also be disclosed to certain other federal and state agencies in the course of official business.